TURBO Action Polo Durban - FINALS Night

Last night was the end of what has proved to be a very successful launch of the TURBO Action Polo Event in Durban.  This intention of this Tournament was to also kick start to the upcoming KZN Club Polo season and get the passion for polo back into Durban.  By all accounts these objectives were achieved.  The event has seen numerous player, that have not played for many years, back in the pool and competing.  There is also no doubting the social success of the event, with the Clifton bar being packed every Thursday and at times until rather early hours of Friday morning.

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TURBO ActionPolo Tournament - Final Results


Last night saw the finals of the 2014 TURBO Action Polo Tournament.  What would a series of action polo be like without at least one night of Cape Town winter!

Thank you to all those that came through to play and support.

Congratulations to Team England on a great win over the ever improving Team USA.

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FINAL Fixtures for the 2014 TURBO Action Polo Tournament

FINAL Fixtures for the 2014 TURBO Action Polo Tournament

Monday 02 June 2014

Change Room Pool

18h30  Australia vs Argentina (7th/8th)

19h00  Plate Final - Scotland vs Spain

19h30  Greece vs Croatia (3rd/4th)

20h00  Cup Final - USA vs England

20h30  Prize Giving

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TURBO Action Polo - Round 4 Results and Final Log

Week 4 saw the last of the Round Robin fixtures.  These games decided the final standings for the group stage that would determine the Semi-Final positions.

A win for Greece saw them unbeaten and ranked 1 going into the Cup Semi-Final.

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TURBO Action Polo - Round 3 Results

Week 3 saw some interesting encounters.  England showed their dominance by comfortably remaining unbeaten so far.  Team Greece is also unbeaten but were made to work a bit harder for their results (or rather made hard work for themselves).

Although Team Argentina still remain without a win, their performances last night gave them a glimpse of how they can actually play.  They still have the ability to end the event in 5th place.  Team Scotland have shown the old saying of a win is a win really has some merit, despite their poor goal difference, they remain in the Cup half of the draw with 1 round robin game to go.

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TURBO Action Polo 2014 - Round 2 Fixtures

Tonight sees Round 2 of the TURBO Action Polo Tournament.
The pool is warm and ready for some explosive action later.  Remember to check the fixture list below to see which pool you are playing in.

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Great opening Night of the 2014 TURBO Action Polo Tournament

Last night saw the start of the 2014 TURBO Action Polo Tournament.  

As per the previous editions, teams started off slowly, getting to know each other, girls and boys playing together and getting to grips with the Tournament rules.  This did not last long and there was a very evident change in pace, team work and vibe during all teams second fixtures.

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