TURBO Action Polo 2014 - Round 2 Fixtures


Tonight sees Round 2 of the TURBO Action Polo Tournament.
The pool is warm and ready for some explosive action later.  Remember to check the fixture list below to see which pool you are playing in.
The nature of this event is for YOU as the players to have fun and enjoy your selves.  It is not much fun playing without enough players, so the emphasis is on you as the individual to ensure you don't let your team mates down!
See you all later for another great night of TURBO Action Polo

Round 2 - 12-May-13


POOL  - Changeroom

POOL - School


England v Spain

Croatia v Argentina


Argentina v England

Croatia v Spain


Greece v USA

Scotland v Australia


Australia v Greece

USA v Scotland

A reminder that there is a full tuck shop available, including beer and wine sales for the parents.

If you are not keen on cooking tonight - buy the family a pizza at the pool.  Pizza slice and coffee special available.

Brian Watson
Brian Watson