TURBO Action Polo - Round 1 Results

 Last Night saw the start of the 2013 edition of the Turbo Action Polo Tournament.  There was a great turn out and some good support from parents and fans alike.

As per the previous editions of the event, the first games for all teams were rather "quiet" as players were still getting to know each other (each others names) as well as getting use to playing alongside the opposite sex.

A word of advise going forward - the teams that play or adjust to the format of the competition best will be the most successful..........

RESULTS - Round 1:

Team Score Team Score
Team Score Team Score
USA 10 Spain 6 - Argentina 0 Australia 7
USA 4 Argentina 6 - Spain 5 Australia 8
England 6 Scotland 6 - Jokers 10 Blakey Beans 10
England 11 Jokers 10 - Blakey Beans 13 Scotland 5

Some very interesting results first up.  We saw two draws, a team winning their second game after not even scoring a goal in their first one, a one goal margin game and a team coming back from 5 - 1 down at half time to win 8 - 5.  This is definitely going to be an Action packed edition of the TURBO Action Polo Tournament.

Keep checking the TURBO SA site for log and fixture updates!

Brian Watson
Brian Watson