TURBO Action Polo 2013 FINAL Results

 What an end to the 2013 TURBO Action Polo Tournament.  Continuing with tradition, the heavens opened up for a bit, but on the whole, mother nature played her part this year.

As can be seen by the final scores, all the matches were a close nit affair with the Power Play and double goal for scoring a penalty coming in to play big time!

The highlight of this years event was possibly not the polo (take nothing away from some of the quality that was displayed) but rather the way that the teams come together in and out of the pool.  The concept of playing with mixed ages, boys and girls, very mixed ability and team mates not even knowing each others names at the start of the tournament was soon overcome and the tournament was embraced by all.

Final Results as follows:

Game: White: Score: Blue: Score:
7th / 8th Scotland 11 England 9
Plate Final: 5th/6th Spain 14 The Jokers 12
3rd / 4th Argentina 10 USA 6
Cup Final: 1st/2nd Australia 8 Blakey's Beans 9

Congratulations to all Teams and players, with a special mention to the TURBO Cup winners - Team Blakey's Beans.

Once again, THANK YOU to Gary Blakey for his continued support of this event and water polo in Western Province.

A huge thank you to our referees and table officials for their contribution to the success of this great event, as well as to Reddam House for the use of their facility!!

See you all next year - REMEMBER, what you put in is what you get out.  Water Polo is a community based sport so lets all do our bit to grow this great game where we can.

Great crowd for the TURBO Action Polo Final

Brian Watson
Brian Watson