TURBO Action Polo - Round 2 Results

Thank you to all the players that took part last night in Round 2 of the TURBO Action Polo Tournament.  The water was a little on the chilly side but that did not detract from some really good polo being displayed!

The results from last night again saw a few draws and some very close matches.  The power play is starting to play a part as players get to grips with the concept.

A reminder that when a player is excluded, all they have to do is swim to the corner, touch and re-enter immediately.  Last night saw a few goals being leaked in man down situations from players "waiting" in the corner.

RESULTS - Round 2:

Team Score Team Score
Team Score Team Score
England 6 Spain 6 - Jokers 8 Argentina 6
Argentina 7 England 2 - Jokers 12 Spain 8
Blakey Beans 10 USA 10 - Scotland 8 Australia 9
Australia 8 Blakey Beans 12 - USA 8 Scotland 8

The full log will be published shortly!

Brian Watson
Brian Watson