Turbo Action Polo Tournament is Back!!

Yes folks, its back!  The TURBO Action Polo Tournament kicks off again this coming Monday 5 May 2014 at Reddam House, Tokai.  The Reddam pool has brand new covers and so far so good this winter in terms of water temperatures. After a hugely successful two years, the Tournament continues with the majority of rules and set up being the same. As per last year, matches will continue whatever the weather – EXCEPT in the case of lightning.
1)    All Participants must be between Grade 8 and Grade 12.
2)    Entries are LIMITED to 80 people only, SO “1st come 1st served”
3)     Teams are randomly drawn from a “Hat” and will be mixed boys and Girls.
4)     There are 10 Players per team and a minimum of 2 Boys and 2 Girls in the water at all time.
5)     5 Players and 1 Goalkeeper in the water, 4 on the bench.
6)     Games are 2 x 10min Running Time.
7)     All games will run on one Central Clock and will start on TIME.
8)     All games are HALF Pool.
9)     Balls are TURBO SIZE 4.
Power PLAY Rules:
1)     POWER PLAY of ONE Min.
a.     The POWER PLAY will be the last Minute of 1st Chukka and 1st Minute of the 2nd Chukka.
b.     Goals count as 2.
1)     When a player gets excluded they swim to THEIR corner and …….. “coming soon.”
2)     Automatically return in if a goal is scored.
3)     5m Penalties count as 2 Goals only if scored by a girl (even during a power play).
Mon 5 May
Mon 12 May
Mon 19 May
Mon 26 May
Mon 2 June
Cost: R360.00 per person
Bank Details:
Silvertree Aquatics Club
FNB – Rondebosch
Acc No: 62181945472
Branch Code: 201 509
Book yourself now as space is limited - go to: www.waterpoloacademy.co.za

Brian Watson
Brian Watson